Framework Conditions for HUMANOO's preventative healthcare scheme

Rewards for your activity  

To do a preventive course you usually have to pay the full 100€ fee. These bonus programmes are sponsored by your national health insurance as a reward for health-related activity. Generally you get a subsidy of 75€*, meaning you need to pay 25€ yourself.

*The exact amount can vary depending on your health insurance. 

Not only do you pay 25€ yourself, you also have to fill out all the paperwork for your health insurance, which takes up a lot of time.

Simple online transaction 

Once you finish the bonus programme we'll ask you for a few details to pass onto your health insurance.

HUMANOO takes care of everything for you - all you need to do is fill out an online form. After the documents have been checked you get your diamonds straight away. Checking your documents can take a few working days. We'll take care of the rest together with your health insurance.

Supported by HUMANOO  

The 100€ course fee is completely covered by HUMANOO's preventive healthcare scheme.

The course fee typically comes to € 100. As part of the bonus scheme, you will be required to answer some personal questions, which HUMANOO has your permission to evaluate for product improvement and statistical purposes. Once all the questions have been answered, you will receive a € 100 voucher to be offset against the course fee.

Subsidised by your health insurance

The bonus schemes are subsidised by all health insurance companies in Germany as a reward for your participation.  

The certified courses as part of the bonus schemes are based on the promotion of preventative healthcare by your health insurance company, according to Sec. 20 of Germany's Social Security Code, Book 5 (§ 20 SGB V), and are aimed at rewarding you for engaging in health-promoting activities. HUMANOO supports this scheme further with the HUMANOO promotion of preventative healthcare. Please read here to find out everything you need to know about the background and process.

Say goodbye to bureaucratic paperwork

Once you finish the bonus programme we'll ask you for a few details to pass onto your health insurance.

For HUMANOO to be able to handle the grant from your health insurance company for you, you will have to give HUMANOO permission to take care of everything necessary, including processing the payment. HUMANOO will take care of everything required by your health insurance company: we will file the necessary applications, forward your confirmation of participation, issue a receipt for the course, and make the payment.  

Earn your diamonds instantly

You will earn 500 diamonds as soon as you fill out the form. HUMANOO will take care of everything else with your health insurance company.

As soon as you have provided the necessary permissions and the documents required by your insurance, HUMANOO will pay you the expected reimbursement from your health insurance company as an advance payment that does not require repayment. Once the processing costs have been deducted, the payment will be credited to your bonus account in the form of 500 diamonds. You can either spend these diamonds in the shop or request a cash payment.

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