HUMANOO's preventative healthcare scheme

As a platform for the digital promotion of healthcare in the workplace, HUMANOO is committed to comprehensively improving the physical and mental health of staff and other insured persons. In addition to general healthcare, HUMANOO is committed to preventative medicine and health promotion. In Germany, statutory health insurance companies are required, according to Sec. 20 of the Social Security Code, Book 5 (§ 20 SGB V), to provide financial support for primary prevention and health promotion.

Despite the fundamentally good intentions behind financially supported preventative healthcare, the insured are only very cautiously taking up the offers. At HUMANOO, we believe it is the administrative effort involved in reimbursement and a lack of motivation on the part of those insured that are behind the low uptake.  

We at HUMANOO are also convinced that, in addition to health promotion, prevention is one of the most important foundations for a healthy and economically strong society. This is why HUMANOO has developed a concept to promote primary prevention as a means of counteracting the reluctance among those insured.  

It is based on two approaches:  

  1. We support the insured in handling the reimbursement of primary preventative healthcare through certified digital HUMANOO courses. 
  2. We promote the incentive and instil motivation for primary preventative healthcare through support and a special bonus programme. Furthermore, HUMANOO makes an advance payment as part of the reimbursement procedure from the health insurance companies.

How HUMANOO's preventative healthcare scheme works:  

  • The insured person registers with HUMANOO to participate in one of the preventative healthcare courses, which are certified in accordance with Sec. 20 of Germany's Social Security Code, Book 5 (§ 20 SGB V).
  • For HUMANOO to be able to handle the grant from the health insurance company, the insured person gives HUMANOO permission to take care of everything necessary, including processing the payment. 
  • HUMANOO will take care of everything required by your health insurance company: we will file the necessary applications, forward your confirmation of participation, issue a receipt for the course, and make the payment. 
  • As soon as the necessary permissions and the documents required by the insurance company have been provided, HUMANOO will pay the insured person the expected reimbursement from the health insurance company as an advance payment that does not require repayment. 
  • To increase motivation, HUMANOO supports a bonus programme based on a special points system. Through successful participation, contribution to the valuable data collection, release of anonymous data, and a course evaluation, the insured person earns valuable points that can either be further invested in their health or even paid out in cash.

The result is that the HUMANOO preventative healthcare scheme leads to those insured being able to attain better preventative healthcare without the bureaucracy, and they even get to participate in a bonus scheme. HUMANOO sees this as a valuable contribution to the implementation of preventative healthcare as required and promoted by law and, as a result, to the health of those insured.

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