Goal: I am...a total couch potato and want to change that

You want to become a bit more active - that is great! In the HUMANOO app you will find workouts and stretching units in the categories strength, endurance, weight loss and flexibility. In the strength category, for example, you can start a Legs, Bums & Tums workout with many different exercises. 

Set your personal fitness level on top of the category, so that you can see the exercises that suit you. If you feel that the exercises are too easy, you can simply tap on a higher level. You can also enter the duration, the equipment you need and the body area you want to train. 

Suitable exercises or units for beginners:

  • Strong Arms, Tones Abs: Exercises for the upper body, from squats to sit-ups. The result may include sore muscles, but it is also a lot of fun!
  • Legs, Bums & Tums: Includes exercises like the Slow Mountain Climber, lunges and crunches.
  • Jumping Jack Challenge: Yes, even as a beginner you can tackle challenges. Exercises such as jumping jacks, criss-crosses and slow knee raises will get your circulation going, strengthen your muscles and improve your endurance.
  • Lunch Break Exercises: A series of exercises to mobilize and relax your whole body. After just a few days you will notice that you have become more flexible.

By the way: Our exercises are developed by certified physiotherapists or sports experts, and there are units for all fitness levels. To show you how to do the exercises correctly, there are short videos with explanations.

In the programme "Exercise: The miracle cure" you will find many exercises and daily sessions with which you can increase your fitness. 

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