The new rewards programme is here!

The new rewards programme will help you achieve your goals even more sustainably from December. 

You will be rewarded for a healthy lifestyle. Whether it's nutrition, exercise, mindfulness or mental health - by actively using the app, you collect valuable diamonds that you can then redeem in the shop.

What do you have to do? - This is self-explanatory and is shown in the HUMANOO app under the tab "Rewards". 

At the top you will find the shop - here you can redeem your diamonds after collecting them.

Below you will find the first steps - simple ways to collect your first diamonds and Get Started, for example by connecting your fitness tracker. 

Further down you will find your Weekly Progress Bonus and your Weekly Step Milestones. 

Here you can score points for example by doing mindfulness sessions or by the steps you have walked during the week.

Finally, you will find your Sessions & Programmes, where you will be rewarded for each unit in the category of exercise, mindfulness or nutrition.

It is worth visiting more often, as you will often find special individual missions under "Rewards" with which you can collect extra diamonds.

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